Here is a series of alternative logo suggestions for TEPR.

    Naturally, things like typography, descriptors etc can be mixed and matched across designs to a certain extent.

    To advance, just click the arrows to the right of the screen.

    Hope you like them.

  • Existing logo

    To my mind the typographic TEPR initialising is a bit clunky and the image, although conveying something of what TEPR is about, is a bit too jokey for use in what is a very sophisticated industry, addressing an incredibly serious global issue (well, serious to everyone except perhaps D. Trump…)

  • Green car

    Clean, ‘friendly’ typography, without being jokey. Simple green car graphic which conveys the idea of environmentally friend transport in a simple, confident manner and without labouring the point.

  • Leaf car

    A slightly different typographic treatment and a nod towards the existing logo – I think improving on it, in that it can be taken seriously…

  • Leaf car 2

    Variation on previous slide

  • Leaf and car

    A strong, authoritative brand, taking a stylised leaf shape as part of the graphic element and adapting it to illustrate a simple ‘green’ car

  • Green shoots

    Minimal illustration of environmental benefits deriving from TEPR’s expertise/advice

  • Clean air

    Another variation on environmental benefits of environmentally friendly transport, with a different ‘friendly’ typographic treatment